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To some the jungle may seem inhospitable or even hostile, but the Mayans transformed the elements of their environment into one of the worlds great civilizations ...

Yaxhá - Maya site in Guatemala

YaxhaRapidly gaining in popularity and now second behind Tikal as the most popular archaeological site in the region, Yaxhá is situated on the shores of the beautiful Yaxhá lagoon and half-way between Flores and the Belize-Guatemalen Border. Yaxhá, which translates to "Blue Green Waters", sits between two beautiful lakes.

StelaeOccupied from 600BC to 900AD, the site offers a variety of construction styles and is famed for its Stelae, influenced by Mexico's Teotituacan, and organized street structure, unique to the Mayan world. There are several excavated complexes, the most impressive being the North Acropolis. This Plaza contains three tall temples with unparalleled views of the surrounding rain forest and lakes.

Howler MonkeysBoth spider monkeys and howler monkeys inhabit the area. In particular, the howler monkeys add quite an element to the experience of seeing these ruins. So named because of their lion like howl or roar. Hearing their sounds throughout the afternoon is a constant reminder that you are in the jungle.

Yaxhá is located between Tikal and the Belize border. A good way to visit this ruin from Cayo is to explore the site in the afternoon and then enjoy marveling at a picturesque sunset atop the North Acropolis with snacks and your favorite beverage.

Entrance Fee - US$ 20 per person

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