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Tikal attracts archeologists from all around the globe and the abundant wild-life within the ruins, make Tikal a naturalist's dream...

Tikal - Greatest of all Classic Mayan Cities!

Tikal Main PlazaIn this remote area, one of the greatest civilizations of it's time established a city that endured for centuries. Set in the jungle canopy, the site today consists of over 3,000 structures extending over six square miles including: temples, palaces, ceremonial platforms, ball courts, terraces, avenues and plazas. At its peak some 1,500 years ago Tikal was a wealthy metropolis, home to an estimated 100,000 Mayans, as well as an important religious, scientific, and political center.

TikalThe five great pyramids of Tikal give this ceremonial centre a majestic grandeur unique among Maya cities. The height of the temples, crowned with tremendous roof combs; the complicated assemblage of the palace structures of the central Acropolis; and the complexity of the chronology of the North Acropolis are staggering to anyone visiting Tikal for the first time.

Ocelated Turkey - TikalTikal is a place for wondering, not only at the engineering accomplishments of the Maya, but at the jungle splendors. In addition to it's numerous well-excavated temples and pyramids, Tikal presents an excellent opportunity for animal and bird-watching. Roaring howler monkeys and squawking parrots provide nature's soundtrack and along the paths, spider monkeys, gray foxes, coatis-mundis, deer, ocellated turkeys and peccary are visible to the visitor. 

This combination of archaeological remains and the natural environment of the Petén, makes Tikal the only place which has been declared by UNESCO as both a Natural & World Cultural Heritage site.

Getting To Tikal - Parque Nacional Tikal is located in the Petén region of Guatemala, about 50 miles northwest of it's border with Belize. From San Ignacio and duPlooy's, Tikal is less than 2 hours by road. Along the way is Yaxhá, another important Maya site.

Entrance Fee - US$ 20 per person

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