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Easy access to reef and rain forest, major Maya archeological sites and a wide variety of inland & island activities is what makes Belize such a special place ...

Your Travel Guide to Belize

Located on the eastern Caribbean, just south of the Yucatan peninsula, Belize is a vacation destination whose tropical treasures have yet to be be fully discovered by mass tourism.

Map of BelizeduPlooy Travel specializes in personalized vacation packages to Belize that include both inland and seaside destinations. Since 1988 we have been developing vacation packages for Adventurers, Families, Romantics and Birders, along with our popular Jungle & Reef packages, for those who want to decide on what to do after they arrive. To do it right, consider spending a few days or more on the cayes or along the coast and a few days or more inland.

Belize Vacation Packages

Below and on the right side-bar we have included links to some package ideas to use as starting points for personalizing your own vacation holiday in Belize. Most of our sample packages are for 8 nights and 9 days, which is the average stay in Belize, and which we consider to be the minimum for a true multi-destination experience; With that said, we would be glad to assist in your plans for adding or subtracting days to your package itinerary.


Belize is a land of discovery and adventure. Journey from inland rain forests to pristine barrier reefs and coral cayes; Explore ancient Maya ruins and sacred caves ... more


The natural beauty of Belize and the friendliness of Belizean people offer an irresistible combination for families looking to make memories that will last a lifetime ... more