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Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM Cave)

If you're into adventure the ATM Cave is it! Travel back in time and follow pathways used by the Maya and discover a lost world that has been hidden deep within the jungle for centuries. See Burial Chambers with calcified remains, ceremonial vessels and other cultural artifacts left by the Maya centuries ago.

Barton CreekArtifacts are often looted from caves following their discovery. Because of this, passage through this cave is known to only select guides, who have permission from the Belize Department of Archaeology to take visitors to this special cave. To this day, the cave has not been looted and nearly all of the cultural artifacts have remained in place as they were originally found in 1989.

The ATM cave is a 45 minute drive from San Ignacio, followed by a 30 minute nature hike. The hike includes three stream crossings and passes through the 6,700 acre Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve.

ATM Cave EntranceDegree of Difficulty: Challenging - A good level of physical fitness required. Ability to swim is a plus. Clothing: Shorts and T-shirts are suggested along with a good pair of tennis or hiking shoes, (no sandals allowed). You will be getting wet so bring along extra clothing.

Entrance Fee - US$ 15 per person

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