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One of the Best Inland Day-Trips from Placencia. Travel by boat 20 km to the practically untouched Monkey River, teeming with fish, bird life and howler monkeys ...

Monkey River

Monkey RiverAfter a thirty minute dash through a maze of mangroves, where there is always the possibility of spotting manatees, you will arrive at the Village of Monkey River to pick up one of the local guides. From there it’s a leisurely glide back up the river where you will have the opportunity to explore mangrove habitat and watch for manatee, dolphin, tropical birds and the occasional crocodile.

Howler MonkeyAn hour into the trip, disembark to venture into the jungle on foot in search of the Howler Monkey Just a few slaps of your guide's machete against the trees, brings the Howler monkeys to life; The sound of a troupe of howler monkeys, as they burst out in a raucous chorus, will tingle the hair on the back of your neck! It’s hard to believe an animal weighing only 35 pounds can make a sound that can be heard for over a mile. In addition to spotting howler monkeys and learning about the flora and fauna, you may also run into gibnuts, deer, peccaries, tapirs, coatimundis and agoutis.

Return to Monkey River Village for a genuine Creole lunch at one of the village’s family-run restaurants. Then, you’ll complete a guided tour through the small village before boarding the boat back to Placencia.

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